Letting Go Yesterday

Where were we yesterday that caused us to be where we are today?
What happened to us yesterday that caused us to change for today?
What do we need to do to change for today so we won’t be back to yesterday?
Are we living for today, or are we still living in yesterday?

We should focus on moving forward, and live each day as if it is our last. Stop living in the past, because we cannot change what had already been done. But we can grow, learn, and reflect on our past/mistakes. To be successful we should focus on what we have to do to get things done, not what I should have or could have done. We know what we need to do, so let’s do it. No more excuses from yesterday, let’s speak on goals and success for today and tomorrow.


Does It Matter? 

When is it time to stop fighting? How many times you have to fail until you decided to give up? How do you know what is your purpose? Is your purpose worth fighting for? At the end of the day is your purpose worth the life on earth, does it matter if you succeed this purpose when the only thing you’re fighting for is to get through Heavens gates? What’s the point of living a certain lifestyle when none of it matters, your earthly life will not carry on into your afterlife. All material things will not carry on into your after life? So why does it matter? Why would it matter if You were homeless or successful, when The only thing is, did you obey His word and live a faithful/Godly life?

Moving On

Starting to realize your absence is my distraction, Deleting you was my satisfaction. Had my guard up so the feeling of you disapearing wouldn’t hurt so much; use to feen for your love and soothing touch. Now you are gone. And I’m alone sitting on my stool in solitude, and I couldnt be happier…. Continue reading

Growing Spiritually

You grow spiritually by praying, fasting, and reading more. When someone says that they want to grow spiritually and know more about God, that doesn’t mean they’re lost in their faith or ignorant about Him and His works. You can’t grow by relying on the information that has only been taught to you. You go to church and bible study to learn and seek more to grow don’t you? Or do you rely on all you need to know is God loves you and he sent His only begotten son to save you? No there’s more to God then just the gift and blessings he bestow on you. Yes He loves you and Yes he will protect you, but should you be denied and judge for want to know more about Him. We all know that God is a merciful God and he gives unconditional love to His people, and there are different religion and cultures that serve God and teach his doing. So if one wants to learn what is being taught about God in other religion/culture you don’t suppressed their knowledge and desire by telling them to focus on what is already being taught and not worry about what is being taught about God elsewhere. They’re not learning or worshiping about another/different God. They’re learning about God the one and only God to grow spiritually. But closed minded and judgmental people who thinks their religion and knowledge about God is the only truth and the only knowledge you need. And for some it’s not enough, sometimes it good to want to know more to grow.And that doesn’t mean you’re lost or you’re going to lose faith. That is only going to make your relationship with God stronger because you’re taking time out to learn more about Him. And I don’t see anything wrong with that, and I don’t care who does. 

Believe in My God!

I know this is long but I just had to write it. #NotSorry I want to thank God for everything he has done for me, I would not be where I am today or have the things I have if it wasn’t for me. Because of many adversities and hardships, many nights I cried, doubt, and even thought about denying Him. But denying Him was never going to be a factor. I have to apologize for even thinking about doing so. I am nothing without God.
People add Him into their lives thinking because they go to church and they treat people with kindness they automatically goes to Heaven or nothing bad is suppose to happen. But if you really know Jesus you’ll know that you will suffer and struggle in life, and know that trusting and believing in Him, will grant you a gift beyond this earth. Jesus suffered here on earth what makes you think you won’t. He suffered from beatings, people bashing him and bullying him, betrayal and etc. But He never let none of that stop Him from doing what He was suppose to do. He knew that God was on His side, and that is why He was so strong at heart and in spirit. 
There’s a difference between adding Jesus to your life  and submitting to Him . And I asked once how do I submit to Jesus? I guess that answer is by accepting him as my Lord and Savior, believing and having faith in him. Never denying or doubting Him, And most importantly defend Him when someone says He’s not real.
Adding Him and not submitting to him is just doing things by merits or just to get by. Like yea I go to church and I pray, but not really doing it truthfully through your mind and spirit. Not whole heartedly believing in His work. Not helping His people through the greatness of your heart, but through merits, Work that makes you look good. And deep down you question Him and you doubt him. You’re confused. See Ephesians says, “Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.” Salvation is for the righteous and fruitful ones, ones who accept and submit to Him, ones who does not do anything for merits. He don’t expect you to be perfect, no one is perfect that’s why God sent Jesus to die for out sins. But don’t take that for granted. Repent.
Love yourself, Love your neighbor, Love and Believe in God. Accept Jesus as you Lord and savior. And never let anyone convince you that He is not real, and His words in the bible isn’t real. Submit to Him, not air or evolution. Evolution that can’t save you.

I Can but I Won’t

I can and I wont

“I can and I won’t,” is the phrase of today’s time. So many people have the ability and talent to do so much for themselves, but they choose not to. It’s easy taking the easy way out or give up just to avoid feelings of any hardship or stress. It’s easy to procrastinate and say I’ll do it tomorrow, today I’ll just chill.

How about  “I can and I will. Today I will go workout. Today I will be productive. Today I will do whatever to get things done and accomplished. You should motivate yourself to be productive and successful.


I was told that there was two kinds of people in this world, the talker/thinker and the doer. Talkers may talk the talk but half the time they won’t walk the walk. There’s nothing wrong with creating a plan/great idea, but it’s best to at least make the effort to become active within that plan. It is easy to let those ideas go down the drain and remain unsuccessful. Putting of ideas will allow you to process thoughts like the what if’s or I should have/could have.

Doers on the other hand they create the plan and work towards accomplishing that goal. The do this by being productive, forming goals, and never giving up. They can accept that failure may occur, but that won’t stop them. The only thing that’s on their mind is succeeding, and most of the time they do. Self motivation and assurance, and lots of prayers get them through.

What kind of person are you, a talker or a doer? Before you give up and become a couch potato think about the finish product of the goal you once created. Think about the benefits of being productive like reading a book, networking, exercising, and etc. Most importantly think “I can and I Will.”

  winner vs loser

Have Faith and Keep Moving.

People will not understand the plans that God will make for you. As long as it’s understood between you and him, nothing else should matter.

Sometimes when you’re trying to make moves it’s best to keep things to yourself, until everything is complete.  People will doubt you, pretend to support and and throw shade towards you.But screw them, You don’t need that in your life. Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem within 6months (I could be wrong), but he shared his doings with people who were close to him and told no one else, only to keep people from preventing him from building the city (My interpretation).

BUT you see my point, you will make a lot a progress by keeping your business to yourself, you are your only motivator(along with God), and there is no one keeping you from succeeding.  Go M.I.A

Psychology vs. Social Worker: My Decision



Getting a chance to go back to school and change the path of my life. I have a bachelors in Communications and was recently working on my Master’s in Clinical Psychology. My passion of wanting to be a professional journalism/radio broadcaster changed. I for one could not find a job with my degree and I begin to brainstorm about my interest in a career. I love the thought of assisting others and giving advice. And why not make a career out of it.

The experience of studying Clinical Psychology was very interesting and I found a job that put my “foot in the door.” I worked as a Mental Health Specialist for a few months. And enjoyed learning about the different symptoms of mental heath that some clients had.

Now I’m thinking about just starting over. Maybe getting a second bachelor’s in psychologist which will take about a year then work on my masters. The only thing that effects my acumen of this plan is the job market. Of course I did my research and the chances of receiving a job in psychology with a bachelor’s is slim to none.

On the other hand I have a better chance of receiving a good job with a social working  degree.But the only question is will I be able to become a counselor? Which is better Social Worker or Psychologist? My research continues…



Being Fat in America: Love Yourself Anyways


Being fat in America: As a person who is a bit on the thick side, I have to listen to others tell me how I should lose weight. I been thick since I was a child and the adults in my life stressed out so many times how I was fat and needed to lose weight. The crazy thing is my siblings and others around me are all small /skinny. So imagine the stress and the lack of self esteem I had. Once my father told me when I’m older no one will want me because I was fat and I was going to have five different baby daddies with several kids. A curse to die for, right.

Then living in a world where being heavy is not a part of being beautiful. Being fat in America: Others expect you to look like celebrities in videos and reality T.V shows. And don’t forget about blogs and products that will assist you to be lean and healthy. As if you can’t be big and healthy.

In college I literally dropped the weight I went from 180 to 145, and I thought I was sexy. But unfortunately I gained it back. My weight fluctuates from semi thin thick to just thick. But I’m healthy. I workout maybe at least 3 times a week and I make it my business to eat healthy, I just have big girl features lol.

But the most important thing I learned about the journey of my life, is to love yourself. If you don’t love who you are, you will never accept the love that others have to offer you. If you feel depressed about your weight do something about it. But if you’re living in an area where you love who you are and others can’t accept you because of your weight, separate yourself. You don’t want to be surrounded around people that can’t accept and love you.

Be you and be beautiful.
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